1. anyway, i’ve been learning to knit!


  2. asofteravenger:

    high…high fives?


  3. I promise, I’m going to seem to do right by you.


  4. my esteem is innumerate


  5. sex with me is, admittedly, not fun


  6. one day i’ll be me.


  7. open sesame


  8. You shouldn’t be afraid they will see the real you. They should be.


  9. asofteravenger:



  10. Full House is totally puerile, right guys? Ha ha I love PROUST!


  11. you do good work.


  12. I’m screwed.


  13. shotfromguns said: I just read through your entire archive and queued up almost 50 reblogs. So, if you weren't aware, these are PRETTY EXCELLENT.

    Thanks darling! You warm the cockles of our giant Asgardian hearts.


  14. wikileaks and dribbles.


  15. I honestly thought the iceberg would chicken out first.