1. forever in a day


  2. im-castiel-with-a-shotgun said: i just read through all 50 of your pages and its now 4am and im regretting nothing. these posts a really cool. your blog is awesome

    If I were Mr. Stark, I could begin to count the ways. As I’m an artist, my simple mind boggles at the idea. (Suffice it to say, a lot.)

    Thanks for reading, darling!


  3. asofteravenger:

    Lady parts are for kissing. Lady pieces go in the fridge.


  4. I used to fantasize about getting laid. Now I just hope I get laid off


  5. Now who’s maladjusted?!


  6. They’re the lucky ones.


  7. did i fall asleep?


  8. I’m with Bacchus


  9. anyway, i’ve been learning to knit!


  10. asofteravenger:

    high…high fives?


  11. I promise, I’m going to seem to do right by you.


  12. my esteem is innumerate


  13. sex with me is, admittedly, not fun


  14. one day i’ll be me.


  15. open sesame