1. i come rough, tough like an elephant tusk.


  2. We’re having a special today.


  3. you can’t start a fire without a spark.


  4. nobody sees the real me. I hope.


  5. live every day like the ice cream store is closing.    


  6. asofteravenger:

    that was your plan? “get him?”


  7. i will try not to hug him too hard.

    requested by: slinkhard


  8. A stranger’s just a friend you haven’t met.


  9.     still eating cheerios til you make yourself sick.


  10. asofteravenger:

    terrorism delays vote, kills.


  11. Your daytime friends are no help in the dark.


  12. asofteravenger:

    Fetch my tiny horses. I want to go shopping.



  14. Everybody has skeletons in their closet. I have the gross stuff, too.


  15. I can’t remember what that means